City Hall, 333 W. Ellsworth Street, Midland, Michigan


October 22, 2001                                                                                                        7:00 p.m.



CALL TO ORDER - R. Drummond Black, Mayor




ROLL CALL -             R. Drummond Black

                                    John S. Coppage

                                    Mary C. Currie

                                    Hollis H. McKeag

                                    Marty A. Wazbinski



            All resolutions marked with an asterisk are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion.  There will be no separate consideration of these items unless a Council member or citizen so requests during the discussion stage of the “Motion to adopt the Consent Agenda as indicated”.  If there is even a single request the item will be removed from the consent agenda without further motion and considered in its listed sequence in regular fashion.



*          1.         Approve minutes of October 8 regular City Council meeting.  MARSHALL



            2.         Presentation of a plaque by Denise Spencer, President and CEO of the Midland Area Community Foundation, on the occasion of the 20th Birthday of the Tridge.  TISDALE


            3.         Together for Kids Week – November 3 – 10.  TISDALE



            4.         Request from Precision Torque Control, Inc. for the transfer of existing certificate number 2000-035 from Mason-Loomis Industrial Electric to Precision Torque Control, Inc.  (Also see material sent in October 8 agenda packet.)  PAUL


            5.         Request from The Dow Chemical Company for the transfer of existing certificate number 93-256 from Marion Merrell Dow, Inc. to The Dow Chemical Company.  (Also see material sent in October 8 agenda packet.)  PAUL



            6.         Request from Quebecor World Pendell, Inc. for an industrial facilities exemption certificate within the Third Expanded Pendell Printing Industrial Development District No. 1 relating to new machinery and equipment.  (Also see material sent in October 8 agenda packet.)  PAUL


            7.         Request from The Dow Chemical Company for two industrial facilities exemption certificates within the Michigan Division Dow Chemical Company Plant Rehabilitation District No. 1 relating to two new facilities:  (Also see material sent in October 8 agenda packet.)  PAUL

                        a.         This project will replace the existing 703 incinerator which is forty years old and 803 incinerator with a new Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) compliant 130 MM BTU/hr system.  The estimated cost for this new facility is $60,000,000.

                        b.         This project will install additional equipment including storage tanks, pumps, filtration equipment, and piping necessary to expand capacity of the plant that produces Sevalamer Hydrochloride which is the bulk active ingredient in the drug, Renagel, to provide for growth in the demand for this product.  The estimated cost for this new facility is $1,100,000.


            8.         Amendment to the 2001-02 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) budget.  (Also see material sent in October 8 agenda packet.)  LYNCH


            9.         Amendment to the 2001-02 Sanitary Landfill Fund budget to increase revenues from working capital and to increase appropriations for the Sanitary Landfill Fund – Cells 9-13 Leachate and Gas Collection System.  (Also see material sent in October 8 agenda packet.)  BUSH


PUBLIC COMMENTS, IF ANY, BEFORE CITY COUNCIL.  (Please sign up before meeting with City Clerk)



          10.         Making appointments to Boards and Commissions:  DUSO

                        a.         Planning Commission

                        b.         Zoning Board of Appeals


          11.         Directing that a contract not be offered for the purpose of conducting an Annual Gun Show and Sale at the Midland Civic Arena due to the size of the event.  MCGUIRE


          12.         Considering approval of the timeline for completion of the restaurant facility submitted by the owner of the B. B. Banucks liquor license.  DUSO


          13.         Considering approval of the request from Genji Japanese Steak House, L.L.C. for transfer of ownership of a 1999 Class C licensed business with dance-entertainment permit, located in escrow at 2929 S. Saginaw Road and request to cancel the dance-entertainment permit.  DUSO


*        14.         Authorizing execution of a Grant of License agreement for the Jerome Street Parking Lot and a Driveway and Parking Lot Agreement between the First United Methodist Church and the City of Midland.  BRANSON


*        15.         Accepting Easement Agreements from Triton Builders for a sanitary sewer line and a water main to serve Homestead Estates Condominiums.  LYNCH


*        16.         Approving annexation of eight parcels located west of Stark Road between North Saginaw Road and the US-10 Expressway from Homer Township, through the Joint Resolution Process.  LYNCH


          17.         Postponing action on the 2001 Bogel Drive Improvement Special Assessment District until City staff has resolved outstanding issues related to the project.  (The public hearing of necessity was held Oct. 8; action was postponed until Oct. 22).  MCMANUS


*        18.         Pledging City support for the 2003 Men’s Major Fastpitch National Championship.  MCGUIRE


          19.         Giving approval to the Midland Interfaith Council to place a Peace Pole in Chippewassee Park.  MCGUIRE


*        20.         Giving non-profit status to MidMichigan Visiting Nurse Association Hospice for the purpose of obtaining a charitable gaming license.  DUSO


          21.         Considering purchases and contracts:

*                      a.         Emergency Purchase Order for traffic and pedestrian signal installation at the intersection of Jerome St. (M-20) and Buttles Street (B.R. US-10).  MCMANUS

*                      b.         2001 Jerome Street Parking Lot; Contract No. 5; Change Order No. 2.  MCMANUS

*                      c.         Eight Police Cars.  MCGUIRE

*                      d.         Commercial Refuse Truck.  MCGUIRE

                        e.         Payment to Plante & Moran, LLP for accounting services relating to the City’s defense in the appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal:  BRANSON

*                                  1.         Dow Corning Corporation

*                                  2.         The Dow Chemical Company







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