City Hall, 333 W. Ellsworth Street, Midland, Michigan


June 14, 2004                                                                                                              7:00 p.m.



CALL TO ORDER - R. Drummond Black, Mayor




ROLL CALL -             R. Drummond Black

                                    Bruce A. Johnson

                                    Hollis H. McKeag

                                    James S. Myers

                                    Joseph M. Rokosz



            All resolutions marked with an asterisk are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion.  There will be no separate consideration of these items unless a Council member or citizen so requests during the discussion stage of the “Motion to adopt the Consent Agenda as indicated”.  If there is even a single request the item will be removed from the consent agenda without further motion and considered in its listed sequence in regular fashion.



*          1.         Approve minutes of May 17 special and regular, May 20 special and June 3 special City Council meetings.  DUSO



            2.         Amateur Radio Week – June 20 – 27.  RICHART



            3.         Parks and Recreation Master Plan (Also see material sent in May 17 agenda packet).  MCGUIRE


            4.         Proposed street name change of Diamond Drive to Soccer Drive on that segment from Jefferson Avenue to the intersection of the new Joseph Drive extension (Also see material sent in May 10 agenda packet).  LYNCH


            5.         Amendment to the 2003-04 General Fund budget to receive funding from the Local Law Enforcement Block Grant (Also see material sent in May 10 agenda packet):  ST. LOUIS

                        a.         Hold public hearing

                        b.         Approve Purchase of Four Digital In-Car Video Systems

            6.         Amendment to the 2003-04 General Fund budget to increase revenues to recognize grants and to increase Police Department expenditures for purchase of DNA Sample Kits.  ST. LOUIS


PUBLIC COMMENTS, IF ANY, BEFORE CITY COUNCIL.  (Please sign up before meeting with City Clerk)



            7.         First reading of an amendment to the City of Midland Water Ordinance.  BUSH


            8.         First reading of an amendment to the City of Midland Sewer Ordinance.  BUSH



            9.         Revising the annual Construction Project Priorities list to participate with the Midland County Road Commission to reconstruct Saginaw Road from Gordonville Road to Waldo Court during the 2004 construction season and to remove the Nurmi Drive street improvement project from the list.  MCMANUS


*        10.         Accepting Sidewalk Construction Agreements which allow property owners to construct their own sidewalks in the 2004 Sidewalk Improvement Program.  MCMANUS


*        11.         Approving payment to the Midland County Road Commission to purchase road right of way for Airport Road Extension Project.  MCMANUS


*        12.         Accepting an Easement Agreement with Shasta Realty Corporation to install a water main across private property located on Bay City Road.  MCMANUS


*        13.         Approving placement of a directional guide sign on W. Main Street at the intersection of W. Main Street and Orchard Drive to the Alden B. Dow Home and Studio.  MCMANUS


*        14.         Authorizing the City Administration to prepare and distribute an informational brochure regarding the road millage proposal on the November 2, 2004 General Election ballot.  DUSO


          15.         Adopting City of Midland Boards and Commissions Attendance Policy.  DUSO


*        16.         Recommending that the Cable Access Advisory Commission position currently held by Alex Berehula be considered vacant and instructing staff to advertise for applicants to fill the remainder of the term.  BEACOM


          17.         Authorizing July 2004 tax levies:  ELBERS

*                      a.         Midland Public Schools for a summer property tax levy.

*                      b.         Midland County Educational Service Agency for a summer property tax levy.

*                      c.         Bay City Public Schools for a summer property tax levy.

*                      d.         Bay-Arenac Intermediate Schools for a summer property tax levy.

*                      e.         Delta College for a summer property tax levy.


*        18.         Approving the levy of taxes for the July 2004 tax roll for special assessments and accounts receivable.  ELBERS


*        19.         Authorizing execution of Subrecipient Agreements for award of Community Development Block Grant funds.  STANDFEST


*        20.         Approving annexation request from Emery and Dorthey Sova for 20 acres of vacant property located south of W. Wackerly and east of Stark Road.  LYNCH


*        21.         Approving request from K & D Espresso, Inc. to transfer ownership and location of a Class C Liquor License from Northwind Enterprises, Inc. (Kokopelli’s).  DUSO


*        22.         Receiving and filing the 2003 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.  BUSH


          23.         Making Traffic Control Orders permanent:  MCMANUS

*                      a.         P-04-03 – that parking shall be permitted on the east side of Drake Street from Woodcrest School southerly property line to 50’ south.

*                      b.         P-04-04 – that parking shall be prohibited on both sides of Waldo Avenue from East Ashman Street to Eastlawn Drive.

*                      c.         P-04-05 – that parking shall be prohibited on the north side of Wheeler Street from 100’ west of Foster Road to 100’ east of Foster Road.


          24.         Considering purchases and contracts:

*                      a.         2004 Local Street Reconstruction, Phase II; Contract No. 7.  MCMANUS

                        b.         Contract with Gerace Construction for design/build services for Barstow Airport Terminal Building.  MCMANUS

*                      c.         MDOT Contract No. 2004-0317 for the reconstruction of taxi streets at Barstow Airport.  MCMANUS

*                      d.         MDOT Construction Contract No. FM 56-1-C35 with Porath Contractors, Inc. for the reconstruction of taxi streets at Barstow Airport.  MCMANUS

*                      e.         MDOT Contract No. 04-5239 for concrete resurfacing of the Sturgeon Avenue overpass of US-10.  MCMANUS

*                      f.          2003 Jack Barstow Airport Runway Safety Area Grading, Tree Removal/Trimming, and Drainage Improvements; Contract No. 18, Change Order No. 3.  MCMANUS

*                      g.         Sidewalk Replacement Program.  MCGUIRE

*                      h.         Agreement with Midland Economic Development Council for economic development services.  FISHER

*                      i.          Calcium Oxide – Water Treatment Plant.  BUSH

*                      j.          Ferric Chloride – Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants.  BUSH






          25.         Setting public hearings:

*                      a.         Accepting the Special Assessment Roll for the 2004 Sidewalk Improvement Special Assessment District and setting a public hearing on the Roll (7/12).  DUFORD

*                      b.         Request from Electro Panel, Inc. for an Industrial Facilities Exemption Certificate within the Electro Panel, Inc. Industrial Development District No. 1 relating to personal property (6/28).  ELBERS

*                      c.         Amendment to the 2003-04 General Budget to reflect grant funding received from the Michigan State Police Office of Highway Safety Planning (6/28).  ST. LOUIS

*                      d.         Special Use Permit No. 13 - for a special land use permit review and approval to construct a 4,700 sq. ft. office building on 2.69 acres on Sugnet Road west of the Pere Marquette Rail Trail (6/28).  LYNCH

*                      e.         Accepting donation from the Friends of the Library to fund the development of the Teen Room and setting a public hearing to amend the 2004-05 Library Budget (7/12).  BARNARD

*                      f.          Amendment to the 2003-04 Sanitary Landfill Fund Budget for Hydrogeology Monitoring (6/28).  BUSH

*                      g.         Amendment to the General Fund Budget to increase expenditures for unanticipated expenses incurred in reviewing The Dow Chemical Company’s revised Scope of Work and the Interim Response Activities relating to the dioxin issues (6/28).  BRANSON

                        h.         Amendment to the General Fund Budget:  BRANSON

*                                  1.         To increase 2003-04 expenditures for unanticipated expenses incurred in The Dow Chemical Company and Dow Corning Corporation tax appeals (6/28).

*                                  2.         To decrease 2004-05 expenditures in The Dow Chemical Tax Appeal Activity and in the Dow Corning Tax Appeal Activity (6/28).

*                      i.          Amendment to the MCTV Fund Budget to increase expenditures for the unanticipated expenses incurred in the cable franchise fee lawsuit (6/28).  BRANSON












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