City Hall, 333 W. Ellsworth Street, Midland, Michigan


October 13, 2008                                                                                                        7:00 p.m.



CALL TO ORDER – Bruce A. Johnson, Mayor




ROLL CALL -           Thomas W. Adams

                                    Maureen Donker

                                    Bruce A. Johnson

                                    Hollis H. McKeag

                                    Joseph M. Rokosz



            All resolutions marked with an asterisk are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion.  There will be no separate consideration of these items unless a Council member or citizen so requests during the discussion stage of the “Motion to adopt the Consent Agenda as indicated”.  If there is even a single request the item will be removed from the consent agenda without further motion and considered in its listed sequence in regular fashion.


Information on each agenda item is available by clicking on the number of the item.



*          1.         Approve minutes of September 15 regular City Council meeting.  TISDALE



            2.         Domestic Violence Awareness Month – October 2008.  RICHART


*          3.         Roller Skating Month – October 1 – 31, 2008.  RICHART



            4.         Amendment to the 2008-09 City budgets and financial working plans to provide funding for June 30, 2008 encumbrances (Also see material sent in the Sept. 15 agenda packet).  KEENAN


            5.         Amendment to the 2008-09 General Fund budget to provide funding to the Debt Service Fund to pay the 2008-09 debt service requirements for the 2008 judgment bonds (Also see material sent in the Sept. 15 agenda packet).  KEENAN


            6.         Amendment to the 2008-09 Downtown Development Authority fund budget for MVCC Limited Partnership (Ashman Court) tax appeal refund (Also see material sent in the Sept. 15 agenda packet).  BAKER

PUBLIC COMMENTS, IF ANY, BEFORE CITY COUNCIL.  (Please sign up with City Clerk before meeting).  This is an opportunity for people to address the City Council on issues that are relevant to Council business but are not on the agenda.



            7.         Accepting a grant of $13,600 from The Charles J. Strosacker Foundation for the purpose of preparing a feasibility study for the possible renovation and marketability improvements to the Washington Woods Senior Housing Community and awarding the project to Dow Howell Gilmore Assoc., Inc.  BAKER


*          8.         Approving the Michigan Liquor Control Commission amended resolution, reflecting the correct address and stockholders, for the Artful Dodger Brewing Company new Class C license with Dance-Entertainment Permit.  DUSO


*          9.         Extending the “Three Free” fee waiver for yard waste through the leaf collection program.  MURPHY


*        10.         Receiving and filing the 2007-08 Library Board Annual Report.  BARNARD


*        11.         Receiving and filing the 2007-08 Cable Access Advisory Commission Annual Report.  BEACOM


          12.         Making Traffic Control Orders permanent:  MAKI

*                      a.         D-08-01 – that the traffic signal operation at the intersections of Saginaw Road with Austin Street and Bay City Road shall operate in full color mode from 5:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. and in flash mode from 11:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. daily.

*                      b.         P-08-18 – that parking shall be prohibited in the cul-de-sac located at the end of Grant Lane.

*                      c.         P-08-19 – that parking shall be prohibited on Joseph Drive.

*                      d.         P-08-20 – that parking shall be prohibited on Diamond Drive from 300’ east of Soccer Drive to Joseph Drive.

*                      e.         P-08-21 – that parking shall be prohibited on Jefferson Avenue from 215’ south of Haley Street to George Street (vacated).

*                      f.          P-08-22 – that parking shall be prohibited on the south side of Vail Street from 50’ east of Jefferson Avenue to Cambridge Street.

*                      g.         P-08-23 – that parking shall be prohibited for two parking spaces on the north side of Main Street directly adjacent to and east of the front entrance to the First United Methodist Church located at 315 W. Larkin Street to accommodate a loading zone.

*                      h.         R-08-02 – that the speed limit of Saginaw Road from Eastman Avenue to the Jefferson Avenue cut-off northwest of the Circle shall be 40 mph.

*                      i.          R-08-03 – that the speed limit of Stark Road from N. Saginaw Road to Airport Road shall be 45 mph.


*        13.         Approving request from The Little Forks Conservancy for use of the grassy area near the Farmers Market.  DUSO

          14.         Considering purchases and contracts:

*                      a.         Diesel Fuel Purchase on Sept. 24 (4/5 vote required).  MURPHY

*                      b.         Unleaded Fuel Purchase on Oct. 2 (4/5 vote required).  MURPHY

*                      c.         Salt/Plow Truck.  MURPHY

*                      d.         Carbide Cutting Edges for Snow Plows.  MURPHY

*                      e.         Three-wheeled Street Sweeper.  MURPHY

*                      f.          Two Residential Refuse Trucks.  MURPHY

*                      g.         Tilt-Cab Dump Truck.  MURPHY

*                      h.         Trenchless Sewer Line Repair.  BUSH

*                      i.          Manhole Rehabilitation.  BUSH

*                      j.          Concrete Crushing – Landfill.  BUSH


          15.         Setting a public hearing:

*                      a.         Request from The Dow Chemical Company for an Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption Certificate  (10/27).  DUFORD

*                      b.         Request from Dow AgroSciences, LLC for an Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption Certificate (10/27).  DUFORD

*                      c.         Amendment to the 2008-09 Special Assessment Revolving Loan Fund and Local Street Fund budgets to provide budgetary authorization for the Goldenwood Drive Closure project (10/27).  KEENAN























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