A regular meeting of the City Council was held on Monday, December 13, 2004.  Mayor Black presided with all Councilmen present.


Held public hearing and approved Special Use Permit No. 14 – Bickford House.


Held second reading and adopted and ordinance amending Section 21-73 of Division 4 of Article II of Chapter 21 – General Recreation Fees.  (Yeas:  Black, Johnson, Rokosz   Nays:  McKeag, Myers)


Revised the Parks Rules and Regulations.


Approved request from The Dow Chemical Company for a one year time extension of the completion date for Industrial Facilities Tax Abatement #2002-365.


Accepted easement agreement to access and maintain storm water detention system at the Courts of Joseph’s Run.


Received and referred petitions for street improvement and street maintenance projects to the Engineering Department for consideration of inclusion in the 2005 Construction Program.


Received petitions for public improvements and set public hearing on December 20, 2004 to receive comments from petitioners.


Received and filed the 2004 Construction Progress Report.


Received and filed the recommendations of the Parks and Recreation Commission to institute a youth position on the Commission.


Received and filed staff report on a local preference purchasing ordinance.


Established a Health Reimbursement Arrangement allowing the City to comply with the requirements of the Federal Mental Health Parity Act of 1996.


Re-elected Karl S. Tomion and Herbert D. Doan to the City and County of Midland Joint Building Authority Board of Commissioners.


Authorized increase in purchase order #14655 to Firestone up to the amount of $30,000 and purchase order #14779 to Upper Lakes Tire, Inc. up to the amount of $40,000 for the purchase of vehicle and equipment tires.


Authorized issuance of purchase orders to Allied Concrete, Inc. of Midland, Michigan for the annual supply of concrete and related materials.


Authorized issuance of purchase order to Reid, Cook & Michalski, Inc. for annual traffic consulting services, in the amount of $28,000.


Authorized issuance of purchase order to Briggs Contracting of Sanford, Michigan for Concrete Crushing, in the amount of $39,600.




Summary contains only City Council action.  Discussion items by citizens are not included.  Details on Council meetings may be obtained from the City Clerk’s Office or a video of the entire meeting may be purchased from MCTV at 837-3477.




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Midland, Michigan