A regular meeting of the City Council was held on Monday, November 8, 2010, at 7:00 p.m.  Mayor Donker presided with all Councilmen present.


Proclaimed November 14-20, 2010, as Homeless Awareness Week in Midland.


Recognized Fire Truck Operator Roger R. Bebeau as the 2010 Carl and Esther Gerstacker Fire Fighter of the Year Award recipient.


Recognized Patrol Officer Mark A. Klein as the 2010 Carl and Esther Gerstacker Police Officer of the Year Award recipient.


Held public hearing and approved Zoning Text Amendment No. 152 – addressing the dispensing of medical marihuana in the City of Midland.


Held first reading of an ordinance adding Article III to Chapter 3 – Farm Animals and amending Section 34-5. Municipal Civil Infractions.   (Yeas:  Adams, Brooks, Donker, Wazbinski   Nays:  Johnson)


Approved one-year time extension for Conditional Use Permit No. 25 and site plan to allow a 3,494 sq. ft. automobile filling station with a drive-up window in a Regional Commercial District at 6801 Jefferson Avenue.


Reappointed William C. Lauderbach to the Saginaw-Midland Municipal Water Supply Corporation Board of Trustees for a term to expire December 31, 2016.


Approved request for fireworks display as part of the Santa Arrival Parade on November 30, 2010.


Made the following Traffic Control Orders permanent:

     R-10-01      Established shared use bicycle lanes on Ashman and Rodd Streets.

     D-10-01      Established that the Chestnut Hill school traffic signal operate on a 50-second cycle length.


Approved Change Order No. 3 reducing the amended construction contract with The Christman Company for work relating to the electric interconnection at the Gas-to-Energy Plant.


Set public hearing for Monday, November 22, 2010, at 7:00 p.m. on the proposed budget amendment to the Renewable Energy Services Fund.




Summary contains only City Council action.  Discussion items by citizens are not included.  Details on Council meetings may be obtained from the City Clerk’s Office or a video of the entire meeting may be purchased from MCTV at 837-3477.





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