A regular meeting of the City Council was held on Monday, May 7, 2012, at 7:00 p.m.  Mayor Donker presided with all Councilmen present.


Issued Proclamation of Recognition recognizing Keep Michigan Beautiful, Inc. for 50 years of service to the State of Michigan.


Proclaimed May 19, 2012 as Midland Blooms Day in Midland.


Issued Proclamation of Recognition recognizing the new community initiative Midland Neighboring.


Held public hearing and approved request by ECO Bio Plastics Midland, Inc. for an Industrial Development District.


Held public hearing on the 2012-13 Proposed Budget.


Held public hearing and approved amendment to the 2011-12 Budgets and Financial Working Plans.


Held public hearing and approved the 2012-13 Community Development Block Grant Budget.


Held second reading and adopted an ordinance amending the Downtown Development Authority Tax Increment Financing Plan No. 1, Amendment No. 3.


Held second reading and adopted an ordinance amending Section 30-5 – the Downtown Development Authority District Boundaries.


Adopted policy regarding consideration and issuance of Industrial Facilities Tax Abatements.


Received and filed the Quarterly Financial Report for the quarter ended March 31, 2012.


Authorized sale of surplus City equipment using an on-line auction service.


Authorized execution of Easement Agreement from The Dow Chemical Company for water mains at the Dow Kokam site on Saginaw Road.


Made Traffic Control Order No. S-12-01 permanent – McKinley Street shall yield to Hollybrook Drive.


Approved the 2012-13 Saginaw-Midland Municipal Water Supply Corporation budget for the Capital Improvement and Emergency Repair Fund. 


Confirmed the appointment of Robert Rathbun to the Downtown Development Authority.


Approved request to conduct an Occupy Wall Street group, Occupy the Tri event near the Tridge on Saturday, May 12, 2012. 


Gave job performance review for City Attorney James O. Branson III, and authorized lump sum payment of $3051 and increased severance pay to 4 months.


Gave job performance review for City Manager Jon Lynch and authorized a 4.2% pay increase and increased severance pay to 12 months.


Authorized issuance of purchase order to Agroscaping Inc. of Swartz Creek, Michigan for Street Tree Replacement in an amount not to exceed $41,000.


Waived bid requirement and approved purchase of 13,710 gallons of diesel fuel from Hirschman Oil of Reese, Michigan for $41,993.73 that was executed by the Purchasing Agent on April 18, 2012.


Authorized execution of contract with Eric Construction Inc. of St. Charles, Michigan for the “2012 Wackerly Water Main Improvement; Contract No. 15”, in the amount of $81,233.


Authorized increase of $20,000 to existing purchase order to Bio Tech Agronomics of Beulah for land applicaton of solids at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.




Summary contains only City Council action.  Discussion items by citizens are not included.  Details on Council meetings may be obtained from the City Clerk’s Office or a video of the entire meeting may be purchased from MCTV at 837-3477.





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