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Eastman Avenue Traffic Study

Roadmap Response Form Results

Some of the information gleaned from the 700 Roadmap Response Forms filled out in December 2005-January 2006 was compiled into an initial summary report that was presented to Council at its January 23, 2006, meeting. The findings from that report can be found in PDF* below.

Roadmap Response Form Results

To see the report presentation from the January 23, 2006, Council meeting, watch the meeting on on-demand video.

THE INITIAL REPORT IN A NUTSHELL:  Findings indicated that of the citizens who filled out a Roadmap Response Form:

  • 49.6% were interested in moving forward with some form of improvements to traffic issues along Eastman Avenue in the Midland Mall area; and

  • 40.6% wanted to postpone taking any action on the busy street.

  • 9.8% of those who submitted a form did not indicate a preference one way or the other.

The initial report also revealed that although people listed pros and cons to each of the three proposed improvement options presented by the City, there was no clearly preferred alternative among the three. Many citizens expressed interest in finding other approaches to traffic problems in the area north of U.S. 10, and a significant number of Roadmap respondents suggested other options for addressing the problem.

Read more on what transpired after the surveys were taken, by clicking on the Traffic Study Homepage link at left and reading through the Background Information.

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