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Parcel Identification Numbers (PIN)

PIN numbers identify specific properties in the city and are included on assessment and tax rolls. Each property's PIN number is helpful in identifying the parcel's location within the city of Midland.

Below is a sample PIN number. Each set of digits in the PIN number has a specific meaning.

Using the sample above...

  • 056 represents the county in which the property is located. In this instance, 056 means the parcel is located in Midland County.

Typically, the county number will not appear on most legal documents.

  • 14 stands for the township in which the property is located. The number 14 stands for Midland Township.

On most legal documents, the township number is generally the first set of digits to appear in the PIN number. Using the above example, that means the parcel number would read as follows on most legal documentation: 14-03-70-250

NOTE: The largest portion of the city of Midland is located within the boundaries of Midland Township, so the majority of PIN numbers for parcels in the city start with the number 14.

  • 03 refers to a section of a township. Using the above sample PIN number, 03 means the parcel is in Section 3 of Midland Township.

  • 70 stands for a specific 80-acre parcel of land within Section 3 of Midland Township. In the above sample, the parcel is located within the south half of the northwest quarter (1/4) of Section 3.

  • 250 refers to a specific smaller parcel within the larger, 80-acre parcel of land.

How to Read Legal Land Descriptions

Legal land descriptions can include reference points such as a Michigan township's location in respect to the state's Meridian and Base lines. For an explanation of how to read legal land descriptions, click on the link below.

Land Descriptions Explained