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Sec. 3.1. Officers to be elected.

The elective officers of the city shall be five (5) Councilmen, one (1) to be elected by and from each ward of the city; also one (1) Municipal Judge, and one (1) Constable, each of whom shall be elected from the city at large. In the event that the state law is changed so as to permit the appointment of Constables, thereafter the Constable herein required to be elected shall be appointed in the manner provided by Section 9.15 of this charter for the appointment of additional Constables, and the requirement that such officer be elected shall not apply.

Editor's note--The office of constable was abolished with the adoption of Ord. No. 995, enacted Dec. 22, 1980. The provisions of § 1 of said ordinance are codified as Ch. 2, Art. XV, § 2-280, of this Code. The ordinance did not provide for amendment of this Charter.


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