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Sec. 3.9. Filling vacancies.

If a vacancy occurs in the office of councilman leaving more than six (6) months of the unexpired term thereof, the Council shall, at its next regular meeting, order a special election in the ward affected to be held within sixty (60) days from such meeting for the purpose of filling said vacancy. At such election the names of all persons who possess the qualifications required of holders of the office of councilman, who have filed a nominating petition in accordance with the requirements of Section 10.9 of this Charter not later than 12:00 noon on the fourth Saturday before the date set for said election, shall be placed upon the ballot. The person receiving the greatest number of votes at such election shall be the councilman to fill the unexpired portion of the term in which the vacancy occurred effective at the next regular Council meeting. If the unexpired term of said vacated office is less than six (6) months, the Council shall, within thirty (30) days, appoint a person who possesses the qualifications required of holders of the office of councilman.

If a vacancy occurs in any appointive office, other than that of City Manager, the proper appointing authority shall, within thirty (30) days thereafter, appoint a qualified person to fill such vacancy. (Amd. of 8-5-75)


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