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Sec. 3.15. Pecuniary interests prohibited.

No officer of the city shall be benefited directly or indirectly by or receive any share or part of the profits of any contract, job, or service performed or to be performed for the city, but this prohibition shall not extend to any such contract, job, or service for the city's general interest which is made with or performed by any corporation, unless majority interest therein is owned or controlled by an officer or officers of the city or by any such officer or officers and persons immediately related to him or them by blood or marriage. No officer of the city shall stand as surety or give any bail or sign any bail or appearance bond required by this charter or the ordinances of the city, nor personally, or as an agent, provide any bond which is subject to approval by the Council. Any officer of the city who violates the provisions of this section shall be guilty of misconduct in office.


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