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Sec. 5.13. Advisory commissions.

The Council may establish such Advisory Commissions as it shall deem necessary. All of said commissions shall be appointed by the Council, subject to applicable provisions of state law, and shall act solely in an advisory capacity to the Council. The function of each commission, its membership and its method of operation, shall be established by ordinance, and all such ordinances shall be consistent with state law and this charter. All such commissions shall be established in such a manner that their functions or duties shall not detract from, replace, or interfere with the administrative functions or duties of the City Manager or any other administrative officer of the city. Appointments to such commissions shall be for terms of three years, one (1) term expiring in each year, unless any such commission shall be established under authority of state law, in which case, appointments shall be for the terms specified in the enabling legislation.


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