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Sec. 6.8. Compilation.

(a) Copies of all ordinances, enacted after the effective date of this charter, and all amendments to this charter shall be prepared and kept on hand in the office of the Clerk available for public distribution.

(b) Within one (1) year after the first Council elected under this charter takes office, and at least once in every ten (10) years thereafter, the Council shall direct the compilation or codification and publication of not less than fifty (50) copies of the charter and of all ordinances of the city, then in force, in looseleaf or pamphlet form, and may provide for a reasonable charge for copies thereof. No further publication of any such compilation or codification shall be required for the validity thereof. In case the compilation or codification of the ordinances of the city shall have been maintained current and up-to-date during any ten (10) year period, no re-compilation or re-codification of the ordinances of the city shall be required during or at the end of such period.

(c) The copies of ordinances and of any compilation, code, or codes referred to in this chapter may be certified by the Clerk and, when so certified, shall be competent evidence in all courts and legally established tribunals as to the matters contained therein.


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