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Sec. 7.2. Additional supervisors.

In the event that the city may be entitled to additional representatives upon such Board of Supervisors by reason of a population increase, or otherwise, as provided by state law, the Council shall take proper action to initiate the amendment of this charter to provide for the selection of such additional representative or representatives. Until such amendment shall become effective, the Council shall, at its earliest convenience in the first instance, and thereafter at its first regular meeting following each regular biennial city election, appoint the supervisor or supervisors to which the city is so entitled. Any such appointed supervisor shall assume office immediately and shall serve in such capacity at the pleasure of the Council. Vacancies occurring among the number of such appointed representatives shall be filled by the Council within thirty (30) days after such vacancy shall occur. No person shall be appointed to serve as a supervisor except he possesses the same qualifications as are required of city officers under this charter.


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