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Sec. 9.3. Salary; fees.

Such Municipal Judge shall tax costs as provided by statute but shall receive no fees to his own use, except as hereafter provided. Commencing January 1, 1967, he shall be paid a salary by the city of not less than $7,500.00 per annum, and not to exceed $16,000.00 per annum, which salary shall be set by the Council not later than thirty (30) days before the final date and time for filing nominating petitions for the office of Municipal Judge prior to each regular election at which a Municipal Judge is to be elected for a full term. Such salary shall be in lieu of all fees both in civil and criminal cases to which said Judge might be entitled, but for the provisions of this section, such fees in civil cases shall be collected by said Municipal Judge and turned over by him to the Treasurer on the first and fifteenth of each month. Such fees in criminal cases shall be charged and presented to, and audited by Board of Supervisors of Midland County in the same manner and amounts as provided by law in the case of Justices of the Peace in townships. Upon the allowance by said Board of Supervisors, such criminal fees shall be paid monthly by said County of Midland to the Treasurer of the City of Midland for the use and benefit of the said City of Midland. The Municipal Judge shall turn over to the Treasurer of the County of Midland, all costs and fines in state criminal cases, and shall turn over to the City Treasurer all costs and fines in city ordinance or charter cases and shall account to both the City and County for such costs and fines on the first of each month. The provisions of this section shall in no manner affect the fees or compensation to which said Judge may be entitled for the performance of marriage ceremonies, taking acknowledgments, and administering oaths in matters not connected with any litigation begun or pending before him. The Municipal Judge shall not practice law in any manner nor engage in the business of collecting bills while in office.


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