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Sec. 9.6. Shall keep docket of suits and prosecutions: Accounts of all moneys received and paid out.

The Municipal Judge shall enter or cause to be entered in the docket or dockets kept by him the title of all suits and prosecutions commenced or prosecuted before him for violation of the charter and ordinances of the city and all the proceedings and the judgment rendered in such cause and shall itemize all costs taxed or allowed therein. He shall also enter or cause to be entered the amounts and dates of payment of all fines, penalties and forfeitures, moneys and costs received by him or the Clerk of the Court, on account of any such suit or proceeding. Such docket or dockets shall be submitted by the Municipal Judge at all reasonable times to the examination of any person desiring to examine the same, and shall be produced by the Municipal Judge to the Council and the auditors of the city whenever required.


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