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Sec. 9.7. Court clerk.

The Municipal Judge, may, with the consent of the Council relative to the creation and salary of such office, appoint a court clerk or clerks. Such clerk or clerks, if appointed, shall, by virtue of his or their office, be empowered to administer oaths to persons making affidavits for writs in civil causes and to issue all processes and attest the same in the name of the Municipal Judge, and shall be required to collect all fees in civil causes and all costs and fines in criminal causes and all moneys paid into court for security for costs, bail or otherwise and to enter a record of the same in books kept by him for that purpose and to pay over the same to the authorities of the city or county or other persons entitled to the same, and such books of such clerk shall be audited at least once each year to ascertain that such books are correctly kept and that all moneys received have been properly accounted for. Such clerk or clerks shall, before entering upon the duties of his or their office, give such bond as may be required by the Council and shall perform such other duties as may be from time to time prescribed by the Council.


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