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Sec. 9.8. Transfer of causes.

Whenever the Municipal Judge is unable to act in any cause pending before him, such cause, at the time the matter comes before him, may be transferred, upon his order, or in case of his absence, by the court clerk to one of the justices of the peace of Midland County or to any other person permitted by law to hear and determine such causes, without any notice to the parties in such cause, but a note of such transfer shall be entered upon the docket of the case, and when two or more judges or justices, or other proper persons, shall have acted in any one cause or proceedings, the docket shall be signed in the manner and within the time provided by law by the judge or justice who shall have given the final judgment in such cause. Any such justice of the peace or other person acting for the Municipal Judge during his absence or because of his disqualification to act shall be compensated by the city at such rate as the Council shall fix.


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