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Sec. 9.10. Jury trials.

Each period of three months throughout the year, beginning on the first day of February. May, August, and November respectively, is hereby designated and established as a term for the trial of jury cases and during each such term such cases may be set for trial upon one or more certain days of each month, or as soon thereafter as such trial can be reached. A panel of jurors shall be drawn from the citizens of the city having qualifications of electors of the city for each panel to serve at each term of such court. Such selection of jurors to serve in each case shall be made, as nearly as may be, in the manner as provided by law in circuit courts, but the trial of such cause by jury shall be otherwise conducted as provided by law for trials by jury before justices of the peace in townships, except that it shall be the duty of the Municipal Judge to instruct the jury as to the law applicable to the case, which instructions shall be received by the jury as the law in the case. As soon as all jury cases set for any term, and ready for trial, shall have been disposed of, the panel of jurors called for said term shall be discharged; Provided, however, that when there is no jury in attendance in the court, the Municipal Judge, in order to avoid hardship from delay, may, in his discretion, order a jury impaneled in accordance with the method provided by law to secure a jury in trials before justices of the peace in townships. The Council may, in its discretion, pass an ordinance embodying the provisions of Act No. 288 of the Public Acts of 1929 governing the selection of jurors from among the qualified electors of the city and for the conduct of trials by jury, insofar as such act provides therefor. In the event that the Council shall pass such ordinance, the provisions thereof shall prevail over the provisions of this section insofar as they may be inconsistent therewith.


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