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Sec. 9.14. Traffic violations bureau.

The Council shall have power and authority to establish, by ordinance, a Traffic Violations Bureau within the Municipal Court under the charge of the court clerk for the handling of vehicular traffic cases, other than driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquors or narcotics, failure to stop in the event of an accident, or reckless driving. In such bureau, any person who has received any notice to appear in answer to a traffic charge under the ordinances of the city may, within the time specified in the notice, answer at the Traffic Violations Bureau to the charges set forth in such notice by paying a prescribed fine which cannot be waived by the bureau, and, in writing, pleading guilty to the charge, waiving a hearing in court and giving power of attorney to the court clerk to make such a plea and pay such fine in court. Acceptance of the prescribed fine and the power of attorney by the bureau shall be deemed to be complete satisfaction for the violation, and the violator shall be given a receipt which so states. The creation of such a bureau by the Council shall not operate so as to deprive any person of a full and impartial hearing in court, should such person so choose.


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