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Sec. 12.3. Exemptions.

No exemptions for taxation shall be allowed, except such as are expressly required or permitted to be made by state law. In the case of exemptions made to persons who, in the opinion of the

Assessor and Board of Review, by reason of poverty, are unable to contribute towards the public charges, the Assessor or Board of Review shall require, as a condition to the grant of exemption, a trust deed or assignment to the city of all or any part of the real or personal property or insurance of the beneficiary of such exemption. Such trust deed or assignment shall be in such form as to be recordable in the office of the Register of Deeds of Midland County and shall state the amount at which the property would have been assessed if it had not been exempted. No such trust deed or assignment shall deprive the owner of the property to whom tax exemption is granted of his right to freely occupy and use the property, but shall give the city, in the event that the ownership of such property is transferred to another in any manner whatsoever, such an interest therein as will provide for the payment to the city of an amount equal to all taxes, exclusive of interest, penalties, and collection fees, which would have been levied by the city against the property of such owner had the exemption not been granted.


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