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Sec. 12.18. Apportioning of tax on portion of taxed item.

Any person owning an undivided share or other part of any parcel of real property, assessed in one description, may pay on the share or part thus owned by paying an amount having the same relation to the whole tax as the value of the part on which payment is made has to the value of the whole parcel. The person making such payment shall accurately describe the part or share on which he makes payment and the receipt given and the record of the receiving officers shall show such description and by whom paid; and in case of the sale of the remaining part or share, for nonpayment of taxes, he may purchase the same in like manner as any disinterested person. The values above referred to shall be determined upon the request of any interested party by the Assessor, who, before making such determination, shall set a time for hearing and shall notify the interested parties by first class mail at their last known addresses, such notice to be mailed at least ten (10) days before the hearing.


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