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Sec. 14.2. Hazards and nuisances.

When any lot, building, or structure within the city, because of age or dilapidation, the accumulation of refuse or debris, the uncontrolled growing of noxious weeds, or because of any other condition or happening, becomes, in the opinion of the Council, a public hazard or nuisance which is dangerous to the health, safety, or welfare of the inhabitants of the city or of those residing or habitually going near such lot, building, or structure, the Council may, after investigation, give notice by publication or by registered mail addressed to the last known address of the owner or owners of the land upon which such nuisance exists, or to the owner or occupant of the building or structure itself, specifying the nature of the nuisance and requiring such owner to alter, repair, tear down, abate or remove the nuisance promptly and within a time to be specified by the Council, which shall be commensurate with the nature of the nuisance. If, at the expiration of the time limit in said notice, the owner has not complied with the requirements thereof, or in any case where the owner of the land or of the building or structure itself is not known, the Council may order such hazard or nuisance abated by the proper department or agency of the city which is qualified to do the work required, or may do the work by contract or by hire, and the cost of such abatement assessed against the lot, premises, or description of real property upon which such hazard or nuisance is located, by special assessment.


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