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Chapter 3. General Provisions Affecting Officers of the City

Sec. 3.1. Officers to be elected.
Sec. 3.2. The administrative officers.
Sec. 3.3. Terms of elective officers.
Sec. 3.4. Administrative officers--appointment, terms and remuneration.
Sec. 3.5. City employees.
Sec. 3.6. Eligibility for office in city.
Sec. 3.7. Vacancies in offices.
Sec. 3.8. Resignations.
Sec. 3.9. Filling vacancies.
Sec. 3.10. Term of office cannot be shortened or extended.
Sec. 3.11. Increase or decrease of compensation.
Sec. 3.12. Oath and bond of office.
Sec. 3.13. Surety bonds.
Sec. 3.14. Delivery of office and effects by officer to his successor.
Sec. 3.15. Pecuniary interests prohibited.
Sec. 3.16. Restrictions concerning other offices.


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