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Chapter 9. Municipal Court*

Sec. 9.1. Justice courts--Present law.
Sec. 9.2. Municipal court.
Sec. 9.3. Salary; fees.
Sec. 9.4. Jurisdiction.
Sec. 9.5. Powers of municipal judge.
Sec. 9.6. Shall keep docket of suits and prosecutions: Accounts of all moneys received and paid out.
Sec. 9.7. Court clerk.
Sec. 9.8. Transfer of causes.
Sec. 9.9. Court officers.
Sec. 9.10. Jury trials.
Sec. 9.11. Court room supplies.
Sec. 9.12. Rules of court.
Sec. 9.13. Vacancies.
Sec. 9.14. Traffic violations bureau.
Sec. 9.15. Constable.*


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