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Chapter 12. General Taxation*

Sec. 12.1. Power to tax.
Sec. 12.2. Subjects of taxation.
Sec. 12.3. Exemptions.
Sec. 12.4. Assessment.
Sec. 12.5. Time for making assessment rolls.
Sec. 12.6. Valuing of real and personal property.
Sec. 12.7. Board of review.
Sec. 12.8. Meeting of board of review.
Sec. 12.9. Notice of meeting.
Sec. 12.10. Organization and functions of the board of review.
Sec. 12.11. Endorsement of roll; validity.
Sec. 12.12. Clerk to certify tax levy.
Sec. 12.13. City tax roll.
Sec. 12.14. Tax roll certified for collection.
Sec. 12.15. Taxes lien on property.
Sec. 12.16. Notification of taxes due.
Sec. 12.17. Tax payment schedule.
Sec. 12.18. Apportioning of tax on portion of taxed item.
Sec. 12.19. Tax roll to county treasurer.
Sec. 12.20. Protection of city lien.
Sec. 12.21. State, county and school taxes.


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