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After the Fire

Keeping Records of Personal Property

As a preventative measure, it is best to make a complete assessment of your personal property and supply your insurance company/agent with a list of those items for safekeeping and recordkeeping purposes. Things such as jewelry, firearms, coins, etc., plus important documents such as wills, life insurance policies, a living will, trust, deeds and birth/baptismal records should be videotaped and recorded on a list of valuables.

A videotape of all property is a helpful item to give to your insurance company/agent.

You should also keep copies of your personal property list and videotape. It is recommended that you keep the list and/or videotape in a place other than your home, such as a safe deposit box at your bank or with a relative or friend. Homeowners may want to contact their insurance carrier for additional ideas.

The list and videotape should be updated at least annually.

Replacing Valuable Documents and Records

One of the biggest challenges to overcome after a fire loss is replacement of important documents and records. Below is a list of items that you may need to replace, and who to contact about replacing those items..

Replacing Valuable Documents/Records