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Headquarters Station - 816 E. Haley St. Midland, MI 48640  Phone:989-837-3410  Email:

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About the Department 


The City of Midland Fire Department was established by the City Council, under the authority granted by the City Charter adopted November 7, 1944, and effective January 1, 1945, to protect and preserve the lives and property of the citizens of Midland from fire and to assist them in emergency situations.

It is the duty and responsibility of the department to enforce the laws of the State of Michigan and the ordinances of the City of Midland, which provide for protection of life and property against fire. It is the further duty and responsibility of the department to constantly strive for optimum efficiency in maintenance and operation of its facilities, equipment and personnel for the prevention and extinguishment of fires and to be ready to respond to any emergency be it natural or technological in nature.

The department is led by the fire chief, whose duties are to direct and administer all operations and personnel of the department. The chief is appointed by and performs the duties of this position under the administrative guidance of the city manager. The classified personnel of the department include the battalion chiefs, lieutenants, fire truck operators, firefighters, fire inspector and an office assistant.

The Midland Fire Department is presently operating with a complement of 46 personnel: one (1) fire chief; one (1) fire marshal; one (1) training/safety officer; three (3) battalion chiefs; nine (9) lieutenants; nine (9) fire truck operators; 21 firefighters; and one (1) office assistant.

For operational purposes, the personnel of the department are divided into three platoons, each with a complement of 14 personnel who work a 24-hour shift. Each of three fire stations is under the direct command of a lieutenant who is responsible to the battalion chief on duty. The officer in command of a station is responsible for the maintenance of all station equipment, facilities and the immediate supervision of personnel.

The department serves a population of 41,863 covering an area of 35.87 square miles.