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HVAC Evaluation Study



Cambridge Street Reconstruction



Pump & Motor Repairs





Tridge Fertilizer Service





Fascia Recoating at Water Plant




Repainting Downtown Bench Legs



Water System Fittings



Annual Water Treatment Chemicals






*Engineering Boiler Plate Sections Divisions


**Use “Forms” link to get plans and specs along with the bid forms                    

            ***”Contractor Safety Program” details Booklet



Bid specifications for City projects and the forms that accompany them can be accessed via this web page. For detailed information to help determine if your company’s services and/or product offerings are right for a particular City project, click on the appropriate “BID SPECS.” document above, and a PDF will open. (Adobe Reader is required to open PDF files. Download a free copy of Reader by clicking here:  Adobe Reader website.)


If you determine that your company’s offerings match a particular City project, click on the appropriate link under the “BID FORMS” column in the above list; this will take you to an online contact information form that must be filled out completely. The form information will be used by the City’s Purchasing Department to identify and notify businesses about City projects that are likely to match that company’s services and/or products.



The information will also help Purchasing determine the companies that may require an addendum to an original project bid packet.  Occasionally, there may be an addendum to the original packet that could affect your bid submittal. If you have correctly filled out the online form, the Purchasing Department will mail, fax or e-mail you any addendums before the bid submittal deadline. 


As an additional safety measure, it is recommended that you return to this web page to check the ADDENDUM column above prior to submitting your bid. You may also contact Purchasing at 989-837-3331 for this information. What’s contained in an addendum could affect and - in some cases - negate your bid submittal.

PRE-BID MEETINGS:  Occasionally, there are opportunities for bidders to see the site of a project and to ask questions about the project. If a pre-bid meeting has been scheduled for a project, that information will be included in the bid specifications document for that project, plus the meeting date will appear in the “PRE-BID MTG” column above.


Bid Forms

After printing out and filling in the bid form(s) for the City project(s) that interest you, please return the signed forms and any accompanying documentation that may be required to the following address:

City Clerk

333 W. Ellsworth St.

Midland, MI 48640-5132


Your company’s bid submittal must be returned to the City no later than the date and time listed on the bid form.


All bid responses will be publicly opened and read aloud in City Council Chambers at Midland City Hall on the date and time listed on the bid.  Late submittals will not be accepted.


Proposal forms and specifications are also available in hard copy form from the City Purchasing Office, located on the 2nd floor of City Hall.  You may contact the Purchasing Agent to get information or solicitation packages at 989-837-3331, or e-mail 


The City of Midland reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids and waive any irregularities.


Mike Meyer, CPPB, C.P.M.

Purchasing Agent

City of Midland, MI