The City of Midland Purchasing Department is responsible for overseeing all major purchases on behalf of the City, and for supplying City employees with the goods and services needed to perform their duties in a cost-efficient, legal and ethical manner. The Purchasing Department also receives bids on various projects such as road construction or printing projects.

Purchasing Department Hours:  Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (except designated holidays)


City of Midland Purchasing Department
333 W. Ellsworth St.
Midland, MI 48640
Phone: 989-837-3331

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Answers to common Purchasing Department questions.

Purchasing-related inquiries may be directed to City Purchasing Agent Mike Meyer at 989-837-3331 or via e-mail at

Fiscal Services Department

Fiscal Services is comprised of four City departments, including the Purchasing Department and these three departments:

Assessor's Office

Treasurer's Department

Finance Department

All About The Department

The Bid and Vendor Process

  • How to Submit a Bid for a City Project

  • How to Get on the City's Mailing List for Project Bids

  • Bid Tabulations Tabulations of bids received by a project's bid opening date are posted online by the day following the bid opening. Tabulations are available on this website for up to 30 days following each project's bid opening date.

    Once the Tabulations web page is open, you will see tabs at the bottom of the screen; these describe or name particular City projects for which bid tabulations are available. Click on the tabs to view tabulations for certain projects. To view other tabs, click on the right or left arrows at the bottom of the web page, as shown below.

Current Project Bid Opportunities

Bid Opportunities & Bid Packets  Find bid packet info., drawings, bid due dates, and bid specifications plus access forms to be completed in order to bid on City of Midland projects.

  • Addendums: Occasionally, there may be a change to an original bid packet that could affect a vendor's bid submittal. If you have correctly filled out online bid forms or submitted hard copy forms to bid on a City project, Purchasing will use your contact information to mail, fax, or e-mail you any addendums that may arise before the bid submittal deadline.

  • Pre-Bid Meetings: Occasionally, there are opportunities for bidders to see the site of a project and to ask questions about the project.  If a pre-bid meeting has been scheduled for a project, that information will be included in the bid specifications document for that project. The meeting date will also appear in the “PRE-BID MTG” column on the bid information web page.