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Address: 333 W. Ellsworth St. Midland, Michigan 48640 Phone: 989-837-3363     Email:

Our Mission: To plan, coordinate and implement a geographic information system for the City of Midland that provides the resources necessary to obtain, develop, and share geographic information for a variety of needs within our community.

Our Vision: In the twenty-first century, the City of Midland will have a state-of-the art geographic information system that continuously improves efficiency, increases productivity, and enhances customer service for our community.

The City of Midland GIS Program

The City of Midland began its GIS program in 2005 with an emphasis on utilities, specifically wastewater data, to be used for sewer modeling. The City of Midland completed a three-year phased, enterprise-wide GIS implementation plan to serve all city departments. The first year focused on base map data development, the second year focused on sharing the information within our organization, and the third year focused on sharing the information with the public. A GIS committee consisting of key staff members meets regularly to monitor the success of the program and to develop strategic GIS goals for the future.

Located within the Information Services Department, the GIS staff consists of a GIS Manager, hired in fall of 2005, to oversee the program and a GIS Technician, hired in the spring of 2006, to assist with the overall maintenance of the program. GIS staff are responsible for the development and maintenance of numerous layers of geographic information, the maintenance of custom GIS applications, providing technical assistance for all GIS-related projects, and continuously providing GIS education and training for staff. More information about what we are doing is available at GIS Projects.