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Address: 333 W. Ellsworth St. Midland, Michigan 48640  Phone: 989-837-3363     Email:

Map Gallery

Below you will find maps containing information about the City of Midland. Please note that the static map file sizes can be large and may take time to download. We have included file sizes to help you determine the best choice for your needs. Dynamic maps will open a new window to display the map.

Interactive Map

The Interactive Map is a mapping and information retrieval application. The interactive map enhances customer service by providing the public with access to GIS data and information such as aerial photography, property data, and other valuable community resources.

To access the interactive map application, click on the image to the left.

City Street Map

Interactive Map - dynamic
CityMap.jpg (2.48MB)

Sidewalk Plow Map

City Sidewalk Plow routes dynamic map
CityMap_Sidewalk_Plow.pdf (2.64MB)
CityMap_Sidewalk_Plow.jpg (1.03MB)

100 Year Flood Plain Map

Floodplain dynamic map
CityMap_Floodplain.pdf (4.27MB)
CityMap_Floodplain.jpg (1.70MB)

West Main Street Historic District Map

Historic District dynamic map
WMSHDMap.pdf (1.33MB)
WMSHDMap.jpg (2.7MB)

Zoning Map

Zoning dynamic map
CityMap_Zoning.pdf (1.58MB)
CityMap_Zoning.jpg (1.73MB)

Future Land Use Map

Future Land Use dynamic map
CityMap_FLU.pdf (1.76MB)
CityMap_FLU.jpg (1.74MB)

Refuse Collection Map

Refuse/Recycle Collection dynamic map
CityMap_RefuseRecycle_36inch.jpg (2.48MB)

Heavy Refuse Collection Map

Heavy Refuse Collection dynamic map
CityMap_HeavyRefuseCollection.pdf (7.08MB)
CityMap_HeavyRefuseCollection.jpg (1.19MB)

Council Ward Map

Council Wards dynamic map
CityMap_CouncilWards.pdf (2.59MB)
CityMap_CouncilWards.jpg (982kb)