Grace A. Dow Memorial Library





Board Agenda

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

7 p.m.





                                        I.      Call to Order


                                       II.      Acceptance of May 21, 2003 Meeting Minutes


                                      III.     Additions or Changes to the Agenda


                                      IV.     Public Comments


                                       V.     Director’s Report


                                      VI.     Old Business


                                                a.         Coffee Bar

                                                b.         Board/Community Communications

                                                c.         Library Planning Process – Gardner, Bush

                                                d.         Annual Report Committee – Steinberg


                                     VII.     New Business


                                                a.         Nominations and Elections for Board Officers,


                                                b.         White Pine Library Cooperative – Letter of

                                                            Intent to Withdraw


                                    VIII.     Board Comments


                                      IX.     Adjournment







Next meeting – July 16, 2003