Grace A. Dow Memorial Library

Library Board Minutes

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

City Hall Council Chambers


I. Roll Call Stein called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.


PRESENT: Melissa Barnard, Eric Gardner, Ann Heard, Cherie Hutter, Fred Johnson, Maxine Brink, Judy Stein


ABSENT: Stu Bush


ALSO PRESENT: Virginia McKane, Assistant Director; John Palen, Midland Issues


II. Acceptance of Minutes


The minutes of the June 16, 2004 meeting were approved as submitted.


III. Additions or Changes to the Agenda


Barnard requested that discussion of a revised City ordinance on the policy of attendance by members of boards and commissions be added to the agenda. The item will be added to New Business.


IV. Public Comments


There were no public comments.


V. Director's Report


Barnard briefly reviewed the new maps available to the public of the interior of the library. Hutter commented that it is nice to know where the filtered and unfiltered computers are.


From information in the director's written report, Stein expressed congratulations to Youth Services Librarian Rebecca Hastings for being inducted into the Windover High School Hall of Honor. McKane responded that Hastings has been active at Windover High School for quite some time.


Stein inquired about name tags that the staff will be wearing. Barnard replied that it will improve customer service for staff to wear name tags. Johnson added that the name tags could be helpful in applauding staff as well.


Stein asked Barnard about the new delivery service. Barnard replied that the delivery service is going well and the company doing the deliveries has made modifications as necessary.


VI. Patron Compliments and Concerns


Barnard read and discussed each compliment and concern received in the last month.


VII. Old Business


a. Nominations and Election of Chair and Vice-Chair

The Board unanimously approved the slate presented by Hutter of Judy Stein for chair and Eric Gardner for vice-chair.


b. Coffee Bar

Barnard reported that the Arnold Center staff started serving refreshments to customers today. This "soft" opening will be a training time for staff. The official opening of the "Cup and Chaucer" coffee bar will be Monday, August 2, with a grand opening to be held in September. Barnard commented that Dow-Howell-Gilmore-Associates, Inc did a beautiful job designing the area.


c. Board/Community Communications

The library's website will be updated to announce the new officers and the opening of the coffee bar. The Board's annual report to City Council will be made available on the site as well after the presentation to Council.


d. Annual Report Committee

Gardner motioned and Brink seconded to accept the final draft of the annual report to City Council. Motion passed unanimously. Barnard will prepare the necessary resolution for City Council to formally receive the annual report. Bush will be contacted about setting the date for the presentation to Council.


e. State Librarian Excellence Award

Barnard reported that letters to community leaders requesting their support for the award have been mailed. The deadline for nominations is September 12. Hutter moved and Brink seconded to authorize the committee to move ahead with submitting the award nomination.


f. Teen Room

Brink motioned and Hutter seconded to approve the thank you letter to be sent to the Friends of the Library for their donation.


McKane reported that bids will be opened on August 3 for the new Teen Room.


g. Library Statistics

Barnard shared 2003/2004 statistics with the Board. The Board discussed how frequently they would like to see the age ranges of cardholders. It was decided that twice a year is sufficient. Gardner requested a breakdown of where the non-resident cardholders live. The Board also requested a listing of databases noting those available in-house and remotely.


VIII. New Business


a. Meeting Schedule for 2005

After discussion, the Board decided they will meet at 7 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month in 2005, except August and December.


b. Boards and Commissions Attendance Policy

Barnard reviewed the changes and expectations made by City Council to the Boards and Commissions Attendance Policy.


IX. Board Comments


Heard said she was part of a tour today in Youth Services. Rebecca Hastings did a great job; comments from others in the group were impressed with the library as well.


Stein reminded the Board and the public that the library will be closed Thursday, August 19 for updating of the library's automation system and staff training.


X. Adjournment


The meeting of the Library Board adjourned at 8:45 p.m. The next meeting of the Library Board is scheduled for Wednesday, September 15, 2004 at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall.