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Master Plan - 2013

Master Plan Background:  State requirements mandate that the City of Midland review, and update as necessary, the city’s Master Plan at least every 5 years after its adoption. In keeping with this requirement, the City of Midland Planning Commission initiated a review of the Master Plan in October 2011 and spent the next several months reviewing the document on a chapter by chapter basis. This process resulted in a draft Master Plan that was forwarded to Midland City Council and approved for public distribution on October 15, 2012.

Following public open houses in January of 2013, a public hearing before the Planning Commission on January 8, 2013, and further City Council review on January 21, 2013, the revised Master Plan was adopted by the City of Midland Planning Commission on January 22, 2013. 

As adopted, the Master Plan is used as a comprehensive, long-range guide for managing growth, development, and redevelopment in the Midland community.

Current Master Plan:  Citizens are invited and encouraged to review the adopted City of Midland Master Plan by clicking on the links below.

Cover Page


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - City Profile

Chapter 3 - Natural Resources Inventory

Chapter 4 - Local Economy and Market Strategies

Chapter 5 - Future Land Use

Chapter 6 - Transportation

Chapter 7 - Community Facilities

Chapter 8 - Implementation

Chapter 9 - Performance Measures

Signed Resolution

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