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Site Plan Review & Approval Process

Site plan review is a process whereby documents and drawings specified in the zoning ordinance are reviewed to ensure that a development proposal complies with local, state, and federal regulations. The site plan is a plan, drawn to scale, showing the layout of proposed uses and structures. Unlike a plat which only depicts the subdivision of a parcel into smaller lots along with necessary roads and easements the site plan includes lot lines, streets, building sites, existing structures, open spaces, landscaping, utilities, and other required information.

Site plan review for specified development and uses in the Midland Zoning Ordinance is performed by the Planning Commission and City Council. Site plans are reviewed to assure:

  • Compliance with applicable zoning standards

  • Public facilities are adequate to serve the site

  • The layout is compatible with the topography and natural features of the site

  • Landscaping and screening are appropriate

  • The structures and their locations are compatible with the area

Time Required

Average time required to complete a site plan review request varies between 30 to 60 days. The applicant should consult the Planning Department for advice regarding the site plan, design standards, and review procedures.


Submits site plan review application along with five (5) sets of the site plan drawings in 24x36 size, one (1) set of the Site Plan drawings reduced to 11x17 size, and the $150 filing fee to the City Planning Department. Check must be made payable to The City of Midland.

Click below to fill out the Site Plan Review Application online. To fill it out, follow the instructions at the top of the first page of the application form. Adobe Reader is required to view this form. For a free copy of Reader software, click here.

Site Plan Review Application and Site Plan Review Checklist

Planning Department
Sets a public hearing date for the petition and places a notice of the hearing in the newspaper at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the hearing.

All property owners within two hundred (200) feet of the site are notified of the public hearing by first class mail.

Prepares a staff report for the Planning Commission.

Planning Commission
Conducts a public hearing.

Recommends approval, denial, or modified approval to the City Council within forty-five (45) days of the public hearing.

City Council
Receives the report and recommendation from the Planning Commission.

Does not advertise for nor conduct a formal public hearing, but does make provision for public comments regarding the plan.

Approves, approves with modifications, or denies site plan and sets forth its reasons and conditions in writing.