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Areas of Responsibility

The City of Midland Building Department often receives calls on a variety of subjects. Some are within the department's scope of services, and some are not.

A handy guide to some common questions about our community and ways to maintain its beauty, safety and integrity is the City's Neighborhood Preservation, Maintenance and Safety brochure. This easy-to-read brochure details who to call about topics such as refuse collection, barking dogs, tall grass and weeds, and off-street parking regulations, to name a few.

Some of the same topics covered in the Neighborhood brochure are included below, along with phone numbers to call to access more information.

What the Building Department Does

The Building Department enforces many of the regulations found in the City of Midland Zoning Ordinance, the Midland Code of Ordinances, the State of Michigan Building Code and many other regulations and ordinances. The three main areas of responsibility are listed below. 

The department is only responsible for properties within the city of Midland.

Construction Permitting and Inspection

The Building Department reviews plans, issues permits, and performs inspections for all construction, renovation/repair, and equipment installation work within the city of Midland. This includes the following areas of work:

  • Building construction

  • Building demolition

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Mechanical

  • Signage

  • Sheds

  • Erosion and sedimentation control

  • Swimming pools

  • Mobile homes

  • Fences and walls require zoning permits before construction

  • Rental Inspection and Certification

    The department inspects and certifies all non-owner occupied residential dwellings within the city every two years.  The 2009 International Property Maintenance Code is the general guide for these inspections.

    Code Enforcement

    The department enforces portions of the City of Midland Code of Ordinances and the Zoning Ordinance. Major examples include:

  • Abandoned vehicles

  • Illegal parking

  • Trash accumulation

  • Property maintenance

  • Home occupations

  • Signs in the right-of-way

  • Topics Commonly Addressed by Other City of Midland Departments

    Other City of Midland departments can be contacted for information on the topics listed below. To visit the City web page on a given topic, click on the links:



    Dept. of Public Services - 837-6900

    Dept. of Public Services - 837-6900

    • Dog barking/waste issues

    City Attorney's Office - 837-3395

    • Noise

    City Attorney's Office - 837-3395

    • On-street parking

    Midland Police Department - 631-5716

    • Parking on the outlawn or across a sidewalk

    Midland Police Department - 631-5716

    Midland Fire Department - 837-3410

    Dept. of Public Services - 837-6900

    Engineering Department - 837-3348

    Engineering Department - 837-3348

    Engineering Department - 837-3348

    • Traffic concerns - clear vision, speeding, etc.

    Midland Police Department - 631-5716

    • Trees and shrubs on public walkways

    Dept. of Public Services - 837-6900

    • Vehicles in the street that are abandoned or inoperable

    Midland Police Department - 631-5716 or 9-1-1

    • Weed and grass maintenance

    Dept. of Public Services - 837-6900

    Topics Commonly Addressed by Outside Agencies/Organizations

    Building Department staff are often asked to field questions that can best be answered by agencies and organizations outside of the city of Midland. Listed below are some of those common topics:



    • Building inspections for Midland County areas outside of the Midland city limits

    Midland County Code Authority - 837-6521

    • Drop-off locations for recyclables

    Midland Volunteers for Recycling - 631-1668

    Midland County Health Department - 832-6681

    Midland County Animal Control - 832-6856

    Midland County Health Department - 832-6679

    Midland County Health Department - 832-6679

    Other City Services

    If your topic of interest is not listed above, you may want to look through a handy A to Z listing of City website pages that contain information on many of the services provided by the City of Midland. To access this list, click on the link below:

    A to Z Services Directory