Building Department

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Inspection Process

Inspections are required for all permits and must be requested by the person who has applied for the permit. A list of required inspections will be provided when you obtain your permit(s).

Under most circumstances, if the Building Department is contacted before 9:00 a.m., an inspector can be sent out to a construction site that same day.

Inspections at Different Phases of a Project:

It is important to remember that each phase of a project must be approved by the appropriate City inspector(s) before continuing on to the next phase.

Because all projects are unique, phases of work can be different from one project to the next. A Building Department staff member will discuss what inspections are required for your particular project at the time any permit is obtained from the department.

The City's Building Department should be contacted and an inspection scheduled and performed before concrete footings are poured or new work is concealed. For example, an electrical inspection should take place and all work should be approved by a City inspector before drywall covers up electrical work that will be encased in walls.