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Construction Inspection

State law requires that all communities have in place a system to license contractors and inspect construction projects to safeguard the publicís health, safety and general welfare. Building permits and construction inspection are tools used to meet various city, state and federal codes. These codes ensure that minimum standards for structural strength and integrity, electrical systems, mechanical systems, sanitation, light and ventilation, emergency egress, energy conservation, handicap accessibility and fire safety.

Permitting and Inspection Process

For information on the Building Departmentís requirements for the permit and inspection process, please select the appropriate category below.


Project Permit Applications and Site Plans Available for Review

Copies of completed permit applications and any information that accompanies the applications, such as site plans, may be requested through the City's Building Department.

For More Information

The Building Department staff is available to help answer questions concerning construction projects. Handouts with information to help you complete your projects effectively and efficiently are also available. Take advantage of the City Building Department's expertise to make your project a more positive experience.