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Permit Application Information and Forms

Various building permits can be downloaded from this website (see links below), or hard copies may be requested from the City of Midland Building Department.

To find out who may apply for the various permits listed below, click here.

For a comprehensive, printable version of instructions on the permit application and issuing process, click here.

Contractor Registration Form

Contractors must be registered with the City Building Department before any permits will be granted to them. A Contractor Registration Form (click below) must be filled out and submitted along with $15 to cover the annual fee.  Please include a copy of your contractor license.

Contractor Registration Form

Additional Information Required

In addition to the applications below, additional documentation may be required in order for a permit to be granted for your project. To find out what additional documents may be needed for your project, click here.

Types of Permits

SPECIAL NOTE:  Because no two building projects are exactly the same, it is recommended that you contact the Building Department (989-837-3383) prior to filling out any application forms to confirm which permits are needed for your particular project.

Double-click on the permit name below to access the appropriate form.

When You Need This Permit:  Building permits are required for work on buildings or parts of structures such as roofs, siding, new windows, additions, remodeling projects, new homes, porches, swimming pools (above-ground and in-ground), garages, and all other areas not covered by other permits. This form is also used for building demolition projects and projects requiring a zoning compliance permit.

Building Permit Fees:  Fees for building permits are primarily based the value of the project for which the permit is sought. There are other fees associated with building permits; these are listed in the PDF files below:

When You Need This Permit: Electrical permits are required for all new electrical wiring and additions to existing systems.

Electrical permits are not required for minor repair work. Under the Michigan Electrical Administrative Act of 1956, 338.8891, Definitions Sec. 1 (9), "minor repair work" means electrical wiring not in excess of a valuation of $100.

Click here for information about the projects that do not require an electrical permit.

When You Need This Permit: Most plumbing work on construction projects - no matter the size or scale - requires a permit.

Click here to find out which projects do not require a plumbing permit.

When You Need This Permit: Mechanical work on construction projects - no matter the size or scale - requires a permit, with some exceptions. Click here for a list of projects not requiring a mechanical permit.

When You Need This Permit: Before undertaking an earth change within the city involving one (1) or more acres of land or within 500 feet of any lake or stream, a SESC permit must be obtained. Click here for more details on SESC.

When You Need This Permit: All residential or commercial fences require a fence permit. A site plan that complies with the City's Zoning Ordinance on fences is also required.

There are no fees for fence permits.

When You Need This Permit: All mobile home trailer installations in mobile home parks require:

  • An electrical permit for the service connection; and

  • a mobile home installation permit for inspection of all other connections.

  • In addition, a building permit is needed if there is a porch/addition or storage building added to the property, or if the mobile home unit comes in sections and has to be connected on site.

Manufactured or pre-manufactured homes on city lots must comply with Section 3.05 of the Zoning Ordinance.

Grading permits require a site plan showing what the project entails.

Such projects may also require a SESC permit.

Refer to Article 3, Section 3.11 of the City's Zoning Ordinance on grading for more information on this subject.

When You Need This Permit: Zoning compliance permits are required for residential storage sheds under 200 square feet in size or for commercial storage sheds under 120 square feet in size. A site plan and a building diagram must accompany these types of projects.

Zoning compliance permits are also required for projects with a grading element; see above.

More information on zoning compliance permits can be found in Article 31, Section 31.06 of the City's Zoning Ordinance.

There is a $20 fee for zoning compliance permits.

  • Signs* 

    When You Need This Permit:  Permits are required for all new signs installed in the city of Midland. Re-facing or repairing of existing signs do not require a permit. The use of banners and other temporary signage require a permit.

    Limits on size, type, and location of signs are determined by the zoning of individual property parcels.

    Please check the zoning ordinance on signs or contact the Building Department for further details.

    RUMMAGE/YARD SALE SIGNAGE:  Rummage/yard sale signs in the public right-of-way are allowed as long as specific requirements are met. Click here for an explanation of the City's requirements for these types of signs.

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