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Projects Requiring a Permit

Projects requiring building permits include those through which:

  • a building or structure is

    • constructed,

    • enlarged,

    • altered,

    • repaired,

    • moved,

    • demolished, or

    • has its occupancy changed.


  • any electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system is

    • erected,

    • installed,

    • enlarged,

    • altered,

    • repaired,

    • removed,

    • converted, or

    • replaced.

Permits must be received before any construction projects can begin.

Projects Not Requiring a Permit

Some activities do not require a permit, as outlined in Section R105.2 of the 2009 Michigan Residential Code. Click here to see a list of projects that would NOT require building, electrical, mechanical or plumbing permits.

Although nearly all of the projects on the above list do not require building, electrical, mechanical or plumbing permits, a few require zoning permits, as indicated in the above document.

It is important to note that even if a permit is not required for certain projects, all applicable requirements outlined in Michiganís and various federal codes and any other applicable laws or ordinances of the City of Midland or Midland County still need to be met.