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Who May Apply for Permits

Residential Projects

Homeowners who intend to work on their own home or a separate structure on their residential property (such as a garage, shed, or accessory building) may apply for permits if the work is to be done to a single family home. Homeowners may take out electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permits only for the home in which they reside. Homeowners must do the work; they cannot pull permits and have someone else do the work. 

All such projects in rental homes, empty houses about to be sold, homes in which relatives live, etc. require that a contractor licensed with the City of Midland and State of Michigan in the appropriate field apply for the permit and do the work once the permit has been received. However, if a property owner is licensed as either an electrical, mechanical, or plumbing contractor, he or she may take out a permit in that field on any of his/her properties.

Regardless of where a property owner resides, he/she may apply for other permits that do not require plumbing, mechanical, or electrical expertise and licensing, such as those for siding, reroofing, signage, window replacements, etc.

Whoever performs the work on a home project must meet all applicable State and local codes and regulations for that project. In addition, the person who applies for any City of Midland-issued permit is responsible for the work completed on the project for which the permit was issued.

Commercial Projects

Anyone can apply for a commercial project permit, as long as plans are prepared and sealed by a State-licensed engineer or architect.