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Riverside Place

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Riverside Place Rent & Meal Costs

Riverside Place discounted rent (if qualified) is based on 32% of the family income, plus a base charge as follows:

Apartment Type

Base Charge Plus Income Adjustment


$30.30* plus 32% of income

Standard One-Bedroom 

$36.30* plus 32% of income 

Large One-Bedroom

$38.30* plus 32% of income


$46.30* plus 32% of income

Click on the Apartment Layouts link at left to find out features and view a diagram of each apartment option. 

Market rents (maximum rents charged) will vary by floor and location in the building. These rents range as follows:

Main Street/Northeast Side



Large One-Bedroom


Standard One-Bedroom


River/Southwest Side





3rd & 4th Floor




1st & 2nd Floor




Lower Level




Meals and Other Notes

  • All residents purchase a minimum of 20 meals per month. The cost for this base plan will be $136.00. Additional resident meals may be added at a cost of $6.80 per meal. An evening Snack Bar is offered on a user fee basis.

  • Guest Meals - $9.50 for regular meals; $10.00 for Buffet, Special Holidays, and Theme Meals

  • Our health coordinator will conduct an assessment upon acceptance of an apartment. There is a $50.00 charge for this service.

  • $150.00 Security Deposit, one-time fee .

*The base charge covers the Expanded Basic Cable ($23.30) and the electrical allotment ($13.00-$23.00).