Planning & Community Development

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Washington Woods rent is based on 32% of the family income, plus a base charge in accord with the following:

Apartment Type*

Base Charge Plus Income Adjustment

Maximum Rent
(Market Rent)

Standard One-Bedroom 

$37.85 plus 32% of income 


Large One-Bedroom

$39.85 plus 32% of income



$47.85 plus 32% of income


*Click on the Apartment Layouts link at left to find out features and view a diagram of each apartment option.

Our health coordinator will do an assessment upon acceptance of an apartment. There is a $50.00 charge for this service.

A $150.00 security deposit is payable at the time of occupancy.

Meals and Other Notes:

  • Meal charges are based on the following:

    • 30 Meal Plan - $204.00 per month

    • 20 Dinner Plan - $136.00 per month

    • Additional Resident Meals - $6.80 per meal

    Non-Plan Prices:

    • 5-Meal Card - $37.50 ($7.50 per meal)

    • Guest Meal - $9.50

    • Theme/Buffet Meal - $10.00

  • Tray service is free when due to illness, but costs $ .50 extra for other reasons. Special diets can be provided, but a small extra charge may be necessary in some cases. Washington Woods strives to provide a healthy entree daily.