Planning & Community Development

Senior Housing Eligibility

A person is eligible to live at Washington Woods or Riverside Place: 

(a)    If he or she is sixty-two (62) years of age in any income range, or he/she is 55 years of age or older in any income range and there is no one over the age of 62 on the waiting list.

(b)    If, in the case of a family, one member is at least fifty-five (55) and no family member is under the age of eighteen (18).

(c)    All prospective local residents will receive a needs assessment to determine what services, if any, will be needed to make living at Washington Woods successful.  The needs assessment will be conducted by a Registered Nurse, who is our Health Services Coordinator. An assessment by an outside agency may be required for out-of-town residents.

(d)    New residents are encouraged to obtain a recent physical screening completed by their medical care provider.

(e)    A tuberculosis test is required prior to moving in to Washington Woods or Riverside Place.

Placement on the waiting list is according to application date. Applicants 62 years and over have preference on the list.

There are no maximum or minimum income levels. Residents represent a broad range of incomes. Please see rent information for details.