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Midland Wayfinding (Directional) Signage

To help Midland natives and visitors find their way to Midland locales, wayfinding signs were posted throughout the community in April 2007.  The signs were funded at about $525,000 by the Entranceways Initiative Task Force (EITF), a committee of the Midland Area Community Foundation. The EITF's mission is to improve the appearance and function of entranceways and corridors into Midland.

The Department of Public Services will maintain the signs.

Community Input on New Signs

During the spring and summer of 2007, Midland citizens were asked to provide the City with input on the new wayfinding signage. Input received will aid the Entranceways Initiative Task Force committee when it considers if a second phase of sign creation is necessary.

What's the Purpose of the Signs?

The signs were designed primarily to help visitors find their way to some of the hot spots in town. Because of this, signs are located mainly on major streets, rather than interior streets that residents are more likely to use.

In addition, larger welcome signs are located at key entrances to the city, such as the Bay City Road/U.S. 10 interchange and Eastman Avenue/U.S. 10 interchange.

The signs are designed to provide motorists and pedestrians with relevant, easy-to-understand information. Dark green backgrounds with white letters provide contrast, and the red poles on which the signs rest were inspired by Midland architect Alden B. Dow.  The larger green part of the sign directs motorists and pedestrians to various Midland destinations like the downtown and Circle business districts, the Midland Soccer Complex, Dow Gardens and, of course, the Dow Diamond. The banner at the top indicates the area through which you are traveling.