Chapter 31 of the City of Midland ordinances, as amended, establishes a fine schedule for Police Department response to false alarms. This amended ordinance was effective July 1, 1997. The fine schedule, standards, and regulations are outlined below.


A.         Alarm fees:


            (1)        First False Alarm:                                            $25

            (2)        Second False Alarm:                                       $50

            (3)        Third False Alarm:                                           $75

            (4)        Fourth and Subsequent False Alarms:            $100


            If no false alarms are experienced within a 24 month period, the fine schedule shall be reset to a baseline status.


B.         Alarm fees will be assessed under the following circumstances:


            (1)        If there was no evidence of illegal entry or attempted entry.

            (2)        If the alarm was activated by mistake.

(3)        If the alarm was activated by a person working on the alarm system, without prior police department dispatch (911) notification.     

(4)        If police response was not cancelled prior to the officers arrival at the scene.


C.         Alarm fees will not be assessed under the following circumstances:


            (1)        If the false alarm was caused by severe weather conditions.

(2)        If the false alarm was caused by an utility company (electric, telephone) power disruption.

            (3)        If the fee is waived by the Chief of Police, or designee, due to documented, extenuating circumstances.

            (4)        If the Chief of Police, or designee, is notified on or before the date of installation of a new alarm system, false alarm fines may be waived for a ninety (90) day grace period, beginning with the date that the alarm system is installed.


D.         Ordered disconnection of an alarm system:


            The Chief of Police may order an individual or alarm business to disconnect an alarm system, under the following circumstances:


            (1)        If an alarm user or subscriber is more that ninety (90) days delinquent in payment of false alarm fees, or:

            (2)        If five (5) false alarms occur during any calendar year and, after the fourth false alarm, a warning letter is sent to the alarm system user, and:

            (3)        The alarm user or subscriber has been notified that a six (6) month probationary period is in effect, and:

            (4)        Three false alarms have been received during the six (6) month probationary period.