Pay Your Water and Sewer Bills Easily and Automatically!

No more check writing! No more postage! You can now pay your City of Midland water/sewer bill one of two ways: Auto-Pay - Automatic Funds Withdrawal Program: This free electronic funds transfer program is a secure, reliable way to pay your water/sewer bill from your checking or savings account.

Enrolling in the Auto-Pay Program:  Click on the link below to download an Auto-Pay Enrollment Authorization form (in Adobe PDF format).

Auto-Pay Enrollment Authorization Form*

After the form has been printed out and fully completed, return it with a voided check or deposit slip from your bank account to the following address:

City of Midland Water Department, P.O. Box 1647, Midland, MI 48640-1647

Shortly after you have enrolled in the program, the City Water Department will contact you to confirm your enrollment and to notify you of the billing cycle when your first automatic payment will occur.

How the Program Works: When you authorize Auto-Pay, you are giving the City of Midland permission to withdraw the amount of each water and sewer bill from a bank account that you designate. The withdrawals are done by your financial institution, and payments are made on the date the bill is due. Your monthly bank statement indicates that the withdrawal has been made. In addition, you will still receive a City water and sewer bill indicating that your designated savings or checking account will be bank drafted (or drawn) on the due date listed on your bill. The words "Bank Draft-Do Not Pay" will appear on the bill.

Auto-Pay Your Property Tax Bills, Too!

This same service is offered through the City Treasurer's Office for those who own property within the city of Midland. Click here to find out more about paying property tax bills via the Auto-Pay program.

*Adobe Reader is required to view and print out PDF files, and can be downloaded free of charge by clicking on the link below.