Utilities - City of Midland Landfill

City of Midland Landfill  4311 E. Ashman Midland, MI 48642  Phone:989-837-6988   Email:

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How the Landfill Works

Midland County residents may dispose of up to three cubic yards of solid waste at the landfill once per month, per residence. Waste may include household refuse, construction or demolition material, yard waste, and up to one appliance (tires are excluded). Additional loads from the same address in the same month will be charged fees according to the rate schedule (see Disposal Rates chart).

When disposing of approved wastes at the landfill, please bring a current driver's license, Michigan ID or current property tax billing to verify residency. The landfill gatehouse attendant will assess a fee for any excess yardage based on the type of material and the number of cubic yards being disposed. The landfill attendant estimates the size of each load and determines the cost based on volume.

Residential and non-hazardous industrial waste from Midland County will be accepted at the landfill. No waste from other counties within Michigan, other states in the U.S. or Canada will be accepted.

Free tours of the waste disposal facilities and the Midland Recyclers center, located at the landfill entrance, are available for elementary through high school classes.