Midland Resolution

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to learn more, or if I have questions?
Ensuring residents are informed is our top priority. For additional information regarding the Midland Resolution plan, please visit or call the toll-free Midland Resolution Public Information Hotline at 888-778-2306.

Affected residents are also encouraged to visit Dow’s Voluntary Property Purchase Program website and the Midland Resolution Center at 1008 Jefferson Avenue in Midland.

Residents can also visit the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency websites for additional information.

Where is the resolution area?
View maps showing the cleanup area and Dow voluntary property purchase areas.

Should I have concerns about my family living on my property?  What should I do if I have health concerns related to dioxin?
No. Risks to human health from dioxins are based on exposure. The action level is based on more exposure than most people will experience.  The U.S. EPA has said that a small amount of an individual's exposure to dioxin comes from soils.  If you are concerned, the DEQ has recommendations on how to minimize your exposure to contaminated soil.  If you are still concerned or have questions, it's important that you get the information you need to be comfortable. You can also talk with your own doctor.

Was the City of Midland involved in the agreement of the resolution plan?
For a number of years, the City has been an advocate for a resolution by regulators and Dow that would solve the issue of dioxin contamination in Midland. The City is pleased the agreement has been reached.